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About Us

Zheegs company was established in Yerevan city in Armenia from 2018 with register number: 264.110.1033936 (LLC). Zheegs Company is leading Online travel agency in the tourism industry, which is committed to providing innovative solutions beyond the expectations of travel seekers, business partners, and their distinctive services. Tripgel is the first product of this company and the first online shopping package for tourist destinations of all travel agencies in the world. Tripgel is actually a booking site aimed at introducing a variety of tours of the regions and the beautiful and historic cities of around the world, the well-known and less known attractions, promoting and encouraging travel, trying to create a good sense of excitement, security, trust, in a memorable journey to our passengers.

Our Services

Let us advertising your services and focus on scheduling, hosting travelers and tour execution in you city and province.


Free access to registration and management of tours - Finance - Archives - Access to staff and more.

Customer Attraction

Providing customers for your tours are introducing your travel agency are Of our major priorities.


With online marketing and a team of experienced experts, you will be able to attract passengers on a large scale.


Advertise your tours to thousands of people inside and outside the country to show you the best return.


In addition to the possibility of online sales of various types of tours and styles, we also offer warranty and pre-sale package tours.


All our efforts are to satisfy our business partners. Therefore, we know the support of the system is of our core tasks.

How It Works

In Tripgel, you can take independent tours in addition to classic and popular tours (round trips with tour leaders).
On independent tours, travelers after comparing and buying online tour packages, travel the route (origin to destination and vice versa) by personal means (car, motor, bicycle, etc.) or by public transport ( A plane, a bus, a train, etc.) without the presence of a tour leader.
You can define and plan a variety of tours (classical, group, individual, daily) in existing styles (nature, desertification, rural tourism, health, pilgrimage, etc.) in a package which includes transfer, accommodation, meals, optional services at the destination, executed by a tour leader or local guide.

Why Us

10 reasons to make tripgle one of your priorities, key factors in the quality and quantity of your travel agency service

User Profile

In the user profile section, the registered information of travel agency or travel service office, you will have access to edit profile and change password options. It is possible to update and record relevant information and to change the password if necessary.

Tour Package

Possibility to load unlimited number of tour package on different dates, determine tour capacity and edit them, tour description, accommodation, meals, description of daily routine tours, possibility to record photos of the location of the tour with its map, conditions and the cancellation rules, are presented in the form of a package.

Type and Style of Tours

A variety of classical, group, individual, daily, and also a variety of tour styles, such as nature riding, climbing, rafting, village planning, health, pilgrimage, etc. in the provincial and urban areas where your travel agent is in it is deployed and active there.


In the finance section, you will have access to the general and detailed sales of tours including taxes, discounts on tours, archives, and searches for completed tours, and you can get an accurate estimate of the sale of package tours defined for future planning.

Employee Access

In the staff section, you will have access to your employees to the areas of tour registration, executive tours, financial affairs, and message sending. In addition to viewing the profile of the employees, you can also define new employees so that each one can independently carry out their duties.


In this section, you can receive and view sent and received messages. And you can send and receive new messages for communication and access with the employees of the management, sales, technical support and accounting. You can also submit your suggestions by this way.

Analysis and Performance Reporting

In the executive and finance sections, you have the opportunity to extract performance reports in a variety of ways. Manage your workflow with ease and manage activity analysis and sale of tours to get an overview of the activities and planning in the future with instant awareness of the status of the tours.

Pre-sales of Tours

In this case, when you load a package of tours, you can plan and record different dates before the season in order to sell and run your tours in the coming seasons. For example, sell winter tours in the summer. With this, you will have the necessary financial resources and planning to provide your passengers with services.

Guarantee Tours

Guarantee your tours! You can guarantee your tours in normal sales or pre-sales of tours. You guarantee that the tours will be executed, and if you cancel the tours on your behalf, except for occasional reasons, you will be informed at least a month before the tour is completed.

Security and Trust

In addition to having legitimate approvals from related organizations, we take advantage of the ssl protocol and other related technical features to communicate securely and securely. And with the support of the service provided and trying to satisfy the respectable colleagues, we hope to accomplish this important mission in the best possible way.


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