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  • Full specification in accordance with ID card and passport details and expiration date
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  • The full address of the correspondence, such as the email address
  • Date of birth
  • Name and phone emergency contact
  • Full details of medical and dietary conditions
  • Bank card information for depositing
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It is indicated With numbers 1 to 5, which the easiest one (meaning without the need for a particular physical activity) with the number 1 and the hardest one requiring high physical activity is indicated by the number 5. Users will figure out if this is a good fit for their fitness.

Yes. To register an online order and purchase, at least one of the passengers must sign up for the site and order to register. When registering, it can also enter other group travelers' information, and the rest of the travelers do not need to register on the site.

The provision of insurance services by the Agency is described in the tour information and the passenger should carefully read this information. currently do not have any responsibility in relation to Travelers Insurance.

After purchasing online, the passenger must print his bills and present it to the legal representative of the travel agency (tour leader) at the start of the tour, along with an identification card for all passengers.

Travel Agents contracted to are required to provide a lower sales price than the price announced on the site. But the price announced on the site may be lower than the cost of sales by the travel agency.

Yes. You can save a purchase order and have 48 hours of availability, depending on the time it takes 48 hours to start the tour, which you can do online shopping. In case of non-payment, the order will be canceled by itself.

Yes, except in certain cases where the terms of the tour are not available.

This means that the tour will be executed unless it is cleared in advance of a certain period (one month or two months) prior to the arrival time.

No, you can only pay online. has the ability to pay securely using the ssl feature, as well as transactions through the official banks website, while is working hard to maintain confidential user information. sells products suitable for use by people 18 years of age and, if the users are younger than the age mentioned, must pay and pay with the information of their parents or legal guardians.

By purchasing online tour packages at the end, a salesperson (Voucher) with a tracking code is logged in and signed up with a system that must be signed with a national card and a valid identity card or passport to the travel agent's Legal Representative (Thorldeer), and be diligent in maintaining it.

Yes, according to the cancelation laws for the travelers, the tour can be canceled through the user profile. You can follow the steps for redeeming paid services by contacting the company using an email or telephone.

All tours except for chartered tours can be canceled.

Yes, because of not filling the tour capacity and atmospheric conditions

If the tour costs, except for the tour price, are optional for additional equipment or if additional costs are incurred during the tour, the costs will be borne by the customer.

No. Tours will be performed by the relevant travel agency and will not be responsible for arranging tours, booking and issuing airline tickets, hotel reservations, transfer services, etc.

After paying online, with a copy of the sales invoice, in which details of the time and place of the tour are specified, and the identification cards of the travelers, go to the appropriate location or contact the Agency and the representative of the relevant tour.

Yes, by visiting your personal profile and in the (My Trip) section, you can view current purchases and, if you do not pay, pay online and receive your purchase invoice.

No, costs are paid in full. One person (group representative or family manager) can pay for several people.


The value added tax is deducted from the tour price when the invoice is calculated and added to the main cost of the tour.

The travel agency is required to take responsibility for the information on the tour on the website.

It is about the choice of a hotel service and on the part of the customer, considering the possibility of the travel agency.

It's possible in a person's profile page.

Yes, you can see them in the user profile page.

At, you can compare the prices, facilities, and conditions of all the travel agencies and discounts you can compare and make a better choice. Also, the prices of tours on the website may be lower than their purchase price.

Travel Agents contracted to are required to provide a lower sales price than the price announced on the site. But the price announced on the site may be lower than the cost of sales by the travel agency. is working hard to work with well-known travel agents and toughly deal with agencies that violate the rules of the site and prevent them from violating them.

In the event of a dispute between the traveler and the travel agent, the traveler can make a claim by contacting the authorities and is only an intermediary in the sale and is not responsible for such cases.