Terms and Conditions of Use of Services

Dear user

Please carefully read the following for the best use of tripgel.com's services and applications.

1- General rules

1-1- Logging in to Tripgel.com Website When using personal profiles, incentive designs, photos, tripgel.com video media videos and other services provided by tripgel.com, it means being aware and accepting the terms and conditions. The rules as well as the use of tripgel.com services and services. Note that ordering at any time means accepting all the terms and conditions of tripgel.com by the user.

1-2- Note that all tripgel.com principles and procedures are in accordance with the laws of the country, the e-commerce law, the Tourism and Tourism Organization, and the Consumer Rights Protection Act, and subsequently, users are also bound to observe user-related rules. Is. Including :

  • Transportation and use of prohibited materials and equipment that are considered as offenses under the law are strictly prohibited on tripgel.com trips.
  • It is forbidden to accompany any animal (including domestic animals, etc.) during the trip.
  • It is strictly forbidden to carry dangerous goods for your own health and others during the journey.
  • Respected travelers are committed to complying with legal and ethical principles throughout the duration of the program, and complying with group plans. Otherwise, they will be responsible for their individual actions.

1-3- If the rules, tripgel.com procedures and services are modified in the future, will be published and updated on this page and you agree that your continued use of the site will be Means acceptance of any change.

1-4- Definition of a customer or user: A customer or user is referred to a person who, with the user's information entered in the registration form, is required to file an order or use any tripgel.com service.

1-5- tripgel.com is an intermediary for travel agencies and tourism agencies and on the other side of the customer. And in the sense of the platform they are interfacing and manage the work between the two groups. As a result, tour operators are travel agents and tripgel.com has no responsibility for the implementation of tours by travel agents and, on the other hand, is obligated and committed. It knows the customer's satisfaction and is doing its utmost to select the travel agencies (tour operators) and also monitor how they operate.

1-6- If the number of travelers traveling on a defined tour does not reach the required rate in proportion to its capacity, the broker is authorized to cancel it and refund the funds received to the passenger.

1-7- tripgel.com Currently, there are no visa and reservation services, and the provision of transportation (airplanes - trains, ferries, buses, trolleys), as well as hotel reservations and tour tours, and all of these services are provided by Travel agencies (tour operators) are provided with tripgel.com.

1-8- How to pay (Buy a tour) is possible only online and through the bank's bank.

9-9- In the case of foreign tours, the provision of currency exchange fees for tourists shall be the responsibility of travelers on a legal basis.

1-10-The price of the tour is specific and we do not have an estimated price. The costs and value-added tax are also charged at the time of purchase, according to the tariffs issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance.

1-11- During the journey, the promotion and introduction of pyramid companies and any political, economic, religious and other activities are not allowed.

1-12- The rights to publish travel and travel films are under the responsibility of the supervisor and their publication with the permission of the company and the consent of the persons present in the picture. So please refrain from publishing images of others.

1-13- If you are taking medication, drug or oral allergy, or having a particular illness, you must inform the travel agency (tour operator) when registering, and at the beginning of the trip, inform tour leader and the executive officer about this and take them out of the place. Keep your medicine in check.

1-14- If you have a specific diet (e.g., vegetarianism), tell this at the beginning of the trip to the program manager. The travel agent (tour operator) should consider these items as much as possible and based on available facilities.

1-15- Time is solely in your favor and part of the rights of your fellow citizens. Delaying only a few people in the group can lead to a delay in the entire group and the loss of time and opportunity. So, in case of delay, the group, with the opinion of the supervisor (while taking into account security matters, etc.), can begin the planned visit, and the travel agency (tour operator) and tripgel.com will not be responsible for any costs you may incur in joining the group. Had

1-16- Group trips are an opportunity to practice group work, after all the peoples, we demand that they respect the wishes and wishes of each other, as well as the executive staff, and refrain from any kind of disturbance, disturbance to their fellow citizens, etc.

1-17- Though travel agencies (tour operators) pay close attention to the safety and health of passengers, the responsibility for events and events caused by negligence and neglect of the fellow travelers is based on the recommendations of the tour operator, as well as on any action taken by the associated group Or not caused by their individual actions or conflicting with group plans.

1-18- Considering that trips are generally accompanied by walking and sometimes bunkering (light to heavy), then think about matching your physical strength with your fellow students with the difficulty level of the program and not just consider travel attraction as a criterion for travel choices. Of course, the "severity" criterion announced by tripgel.com is based on the experience and taking into account the average ability of individuals to calculate and is a relative benchmark; a trip for different people with different levels of ability can vary.

1-19- Depending on the type and conditions of the trip, you must bring your required equipment according to the terms specified by the travel agency (tour operator) on the tour description page.

1-20- In order to respect the rights of fellow citizens, smoking, pips, hookahs and ... are not allowed in public places.

1-21- Avoid unwanted and dangerous jokes. In the event of any incident in such cases, all liability lies with the offender.

1-22- All people in the travel plans are subject to the information of the family of each person, and all the travelers confirm this information by check-in. Persons under the age of 18 years in all travel plans are subject to the accompaniment or written consent of the individual's supervisor.

1-23- Before each trip, the travel conditions, hardship and problems will be announced on the tripgel.com site and by travel agency officials (tour operator) on your description page. Individual companies in each of the announced tours mean full knowledge of the terms and conditions of the tours, difficulties and facilities and services of the tours.

2- Accommodation conditions

2-1- On group trips, the allocation of a room for one, two, and one person to the hotel, as well as how to set up people in a local home or tent depends on the combination of tourists and the capacity of the hotel or local home. At travel agencies, the travel agency (tour operator) has no obligation to provide a dedicated room for people (even couples). However, the travel agency will maximize cooperation with your fellow countrymen in terms of facilities and facilities.
Note 1: Hours of arrival at the hotel room upon arrival at 14 o'clock and unloading at 12 o'clock.
Note 2 - In residential and non-residential areas or in non-hotel environments (such as camps, cottages, caravans, tents, equipped homes), the residence conditions are based on the regulations governing the accommodation facilities approved by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and There is no tourism and there is no room for a passenger room or tent. Also, the time announced for the establishment and collection of the camp is acceptable to the passenger.

2-2- Although the room type and the number of beds are available at the time of ordering by the users, there is a possibility of changes in the type of room when entering the hotel according to the facilities of the hotel and the passenger is required to accept these changes and the hotel and travel agency (Tour Operator), depending on the available facilities, there should be alternative rooms for travelers.

2-3- Camp camping takes place in tents with a capacity of 3 to 4 people, which is provided by the travel agency (tour operator).

2-4- Despite the efforts of the travel agency (tour operator) to use the best tourist facilities in each region and with regard to the tour cost, due to the limited tourist facilities in some areas, the travel agency (tour operator) will have to resort to the use of low quality hotels and Or local houses are not equipped that certainly have shortcomings and deficiencies. These cases are known to travelers prior to travel and at the time of enrollment; hence, travelers are expected to appreciate such restrictions by helping the travel agency (tour operator) make the trips as good as possible.

3- Transfer Terms

3-1- The main and local vehicles are selected according to the number of passengers and type of route (asphalt, dirt, mountain, etc.); the travel agency (tour operator) is required to perform the necessary information about the type of vehicles before the journey.

3-2- On land trips, the vehicle may stop moving for any reason and in each part of the journey. The travel agency (tour operator) is required to act as soon as possible to repair the vehicle or provide a new vehicle; they are expected to assist the travel agency in solving the problem by understanding the critical situation.

3-3- On land trips, no seat numbers are allocated to people; hence, to create equal conditions between fellow travelers, the location of fellow travelers is changed circularly.

3-4- In foreign travels, if the passenger fails to fly, for any reason (illness, cancellation, departure, etc.) or to be prevented from entering the country of destination, the travel agency (tour operator) and tripgel.com will not No responsibility.

3-5- In case of cancellation of the charter by the airline, the travel agency (the tour operator) has been working to dispatch passengers with the first flight with the consent and satisfaction of the passengers, therefore, possible changes in the rate of flight flown with flight were canceled, On both sides, it is clear that if the passengers are reluctant to change the flight, the travel agency (the tour operator) is obliged to pay the traveler after deduction of the visa fee.

3-6- Paying out tolls is the responsibility of the passenger.

3-7- If the local authorities prevent entry of a passenger into the country, if the tour operator is present (if it is a classic tour, shuttle service), it is only obliged to cooperate in order to return the passenger to the country, and no longer bears any responsibility in this regard to the travel agency (Tour operator) and tripgel.com will not be. Residing in the transit hall until the time of return and the costs are the responsibility of the passenger.

3-8- Regarding air services in accordance with the provisions of the aviation agreement signed in Warsaw on October 12, 1929, as well as the amendment to the agreement, which was adopted in The Hague on September 28, 1995, as well as the provisions of the Civil Aviation Organization Will act.

3-9- Due to space constraints in vehicles, we would like to ask our fellow travelers only a suitcase or backpack with a maximum weight of 20 kg and a standard size, and a maximum of one handbag or small backpack for carrying the necessary accessories into the vehicle. The heavy burden will most of all be a discomfort to you, so we recommend that you travel as light as possible.

3-10- We strongly recommend that you bring the essential equipment you need along the way in a small handbag or small backpack, and bring it along with your vehicle, as removing your backpack or luggage from your load compartment will be troublesome for your executive staff.

3-11- During the trip, unexpected atmospheric, environmental, technical conditions may occur, which, according to the identification of the staff and the agents of travel, may change the program or cancel the trip. travel agency

Tour operator will do his utmost to change, improve the situation and replace the program, and ask for patience and cooperation from neighbors; peers will be sure that the decision will be the best possible decision in those circumstances.

4- Travel conditions

4-1- We ask from your fellow citizens to comply with the following:

4-2- Extra charges and outside of the program are the responsibility of the passengers and it is necessary to pay at the time of execution.

4-3- Avoid any action that would violate the rights of other tourists or actions that are prohibited by law and practice or contrary to social standards.

4-4- Your presence at the designated time and place to commence a trip will make your travel companion and tour operator happy. If not present, the tour operator can start the journey without your presence. In case of this incident, responsibility will not be incurred by the travel agency (tour operator) and tripgel.com.

4-5- Due to the insecurity of natural environments, we are asking you to keep in touch with other tourists alike and take note of the directions and warnings of the executive staff of the tour. If you want to leave for a few minutes for any reason, be sure to inform the tour operator.

5- Traveler obligations

5-1- The traveler or his agent is required to accurately and accurately identify his or her personal details when registering at Tripgel.com. Obviously, any inconsistency in the registration of the passenger's identity is to the passenger and his agent, and the travel agency or tripgel.com will not be liable for any traveler related with it.

5-2- Observance of social status is compulsory during a trip by a passenger and a private carriage.

5-3- The passenger is obligated to respect the customs and observance of the norms of the host society and the rule of the ruling region, and should follow the recommendations of the tour guide.

5-4- Having a photo ID and a national card for all trips is required. Due to the fact that the travel agency (tour operator) at the beginning of the journey is taking passengers' authentication and preventing the presence of unregistered passengers, the responsibility for the non-compliance of the information stated during the registration with the supporting documents is to the passenger.

5-6- Be sure to read carefully the shopping guide and its details carefully before purchasing the package, and then purchase online (if you notice any information conflicts, please inform us)

5-7- Important points are recorded on the Ticket Ticker (Sales Factor), including (Tour Tracking Code) and available to the User. The passenger is obliged to print it with his signature (at the bottom of the vendor's page) along with his national card and his identity card to the Torlider (tour guide) or the representative of the travel agency (tour operator) at the time and place, and to ensure that it is precise Do it

5-8- Special Conditions Before the trip, be sure to announce the Travel Agent's Representative (Tour Operator).

5-9- Responsibility for taking care of children and keeping personal property throughout the journey is the responsibility of the passenger and in this regard, no responsibility will be taken to the guide and the travel agency (tour operator).

5-10- The traveler or his agent is required to register on the basis of his / her physical fitness level and the companions on a tour in accordance with the difficulty of travel, as well as in case of the need to take any prescription medication prescribed by a doctor or using special medical equipment, Traveling with you and should inform your travel guide about this.

5-11- Any problems and costs caused by a lack of fitness or a lack of awareness of the passenger will be of a passenger's physical condition or of possible illnesses during the journey.

5-12- If the cost of the service is received but the service is not used during the tour, the cost will not be paid by the customer.

5-13- The flexibility of the contract is about choosing a hotel service from a customer, considering the possibility of a travel agency (tour operator).

5-15- Exceptional Extras Options (Extra) will be charged at an additional cost if the Travel Agency has filed it. Any additional costs incurred during the implementation that are not provided for in the Unplanned Tour Plan are the responsibility of the passenger.

5-16- The passenger is committed to complying with all of the regulations stated by the driver and, if damage is caused to hotels, restaurants, vehicles, and places, the person is liable for the payment of damages. In case of non-provision of damages incurred by the travel agency (tour operator) The use of a traveler's guarantee is based on documentary evidence, which is mandated by the Organization of Tourism and Tourism.

5-17- The passenger is obliged to attend the scheduled time in the schedules and if there is no timely availability of the bus or airplane, etc., no travel expenses will be refunded by the travel agency. In this case, the passenger can not claim any claims.

5-18- Individual travelers at the time of registration include the rules and rates for the use of a board room, and if, prior to the start of the journey, they have registered the other individual solo travelers, they shall use the double-decker's consent with the consent of the parties and the surplus to be reimbursed.

5-20- There is no possibility to use a tent or a room for the passenger in the local residences or in the non-hotel's natural surroundings (camp, lodge, local house, local house), and the traveler's time to set up and collect the camp is unavailable.

5-21- If the passenger, for any reason, causes disturbance to other passengers or the group's supervisors or local guides and whoever is involved in the conduct of the cruise, and commits acts contrary to the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran or the relevant state, the head of the group is required to decide, as the case may be, About the passenger and report to the executive service company to record the issue.

5-23- In the event of an increase or change in the rate at the travel price, such as an increase in the ticket price, means of transport including aircraft, trains, ships and land transport, hotels or other services, by providing a document or documentary evidence from the travel agency (Tour Operator), the passenger is obliged to pay the difference to the rate announced by the travel agency (tour operator).
If the passenger refuses to accept the terms and conditions set out in the above article, he will be liable to fines (in accordance with Article 37).

5-24- In the event of any accident for the passenger, the traveler shall be entitled to use the insurance policy provided in the event of accident insurance. In this regard, the travel company shall not be liable.

6- Travel agency obligations

6-1- The travel agency (tour operator) is required to enter the correct information when registering tours at tripgel.com for the services it offers (tour venue, accident insurance, travel equipment, residence information, age conditions, daily tour schedule and Conditions of each tour).

6-3- The Travel Agency (Tour Operator) is committed to complete the agreed travel service.
No liability will be incurred by the travel agency in the event of any unexpected events such as extreme weather conditions and problems that are beyond the control of the tour operator and (travel agency / tour operator), which would invalidate or change the travel plan.
In the event of a change in the program of travel and / or increase in price for any reason, the passenger has the right to accompany the tour.

6-4- On land trips, if the vehicle is stopped for any reason and in any part of the journey, the replacement of the new vehicle and any other costs incurred for delay are the responsibility of the travel agency (tour operator) and the time required to supply the equipment New vehicles and delays in traveling are also accepted by the traveler.

6-5- In the event of delay, cancellation and cancellation of flights on air, rail and sea, the relevant laws will apply.

6-6- The travel agent (tour operator) is required to perform the guaranteed tours on the due date or, if it is canceled or revoked, is required before the end of the warranty period (one month or two months) before the date Perform a tour of information.

6-7- The travel agency (tour operator) is obligated to use a vehicle in the same field as any part of the journey (including asphalt or dirt) on the landing trip, as well as the number of passengers and the patrol.

6-8- The travel agency (tour operator) is required to provide civil liability insurance for the traveler, and in case of any incident within the spatial and temporal range of the trip, the passenger can take care of the covered insurance conditions and in this case the travel agency will cooperate and It will provide the necessary assistance.
Note 1 - The Travel Agency (Tour Operator) is required to provide the passenger with a choice of supplementary insurance and incidents requiring additional travel by the passenger.
Note 2 - In case of any incident that results in physical damage during the journey, the passenger is obliged to pay for the relief and rescue and treatment expenses. Obviously, the passenger can go to the insurance company after receiving legal and medical information, receiving a report from the travel agency (the tour operator), and according to the insurance tariffs. For travel insurance, no travel insurance will be charged to the travel agency.
Note 3 - If the passenger, for any reason, is separate from the travel agent's tour schedule (tour operator) or separated from the group prior to the end of the trip, the traveler's insurance only from the moment of joining him to travel or until his detachment is valid The trip will only be carried out during his stay, and outside of this time, the travel agency will not be liable for travel insurance.
Note 4 - The Travel Agency (Tour Operator) undertakes to provide full travel insurance for the passenger and, in the event of any incident, during the trip, cooperate and provide the necessary assistance. (This item does not include tours where its services are only air and rail and hotel transfers)

6-9- The conditions for discount tours are determined by travel agencies (tour operator).

6-10- The Travel Agency (Tour Operator) is required to use an expert, expert and expert guide for affairs to be approved by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.

6-11- The travel agency (tour operator) is required to send at least the equipment for first aid and rescue and assistance along with the travel guide on trips.

6-12- Travel Agents (Tour Operator) are required to correctly execute a tour of the contract by listing the features and services it has registered on Tripgel.com.

6-13- The travel agency (the tour operator) is committed to determining the priority of the bus according to the date of registration, while using a special tourist vehicle in the field of landing patrols.

6-14- The travel agency (tour operator) is required to adapt the information recorded on the site to the traveler's documents, including a national card and identity card or passport, accompanied by a printout of the purchase invoice signed by the passenger, and in the event of a mismatch with his travel.

6-15- The travel agency (tour operator) is required to determine its legal representative (ThorLider) for each tour at the time of the tour entry on the tripgel.com website.

6-16- The legal representative of the travel agency (tour operator) or the tourlider is required to be present at the pre-arrival time.

7- Tripgel.com's obligations

7-1- Tripgel.com is required to inform passengers in advance if any changes to the trip are due.

7-2- Payment notification and time limitations will be made via email, sms and user profiles.

7-3- tripgel.com does not assume any responsibility for untimely events - death, injury, loss of equipment, theft, etc.

7-4- tripgel.com is obliged to try to fix it in the shortest time (maximum 10 working days) if it is difficult for the website to be.

7-5- If the tour does not reach the desired destination, the travel agency has the right to cancel the tour and in such cases the travel agency and tripgel.com are required to refund the traveler's money.

7-6- In case of withdrawal by customers, tripgel.com is required to deduct the amount of the fine for cancellation or cancellation from the total amount of the purchase and give the remaining amount to the customer (purchaser) for up to 15 days after cancellation or revocation Give back

8- Cancellation Terms

8-1- The request for cancellation by the traveler must be read by the group agent (purchaser) on the tour page (tour description), prior to the travel, according to the time and date of the trip, and through the profile Register your application to cancel.

8-2- How to calculate the fine for cancellation or cancellation of a tour by a passenger in accordance with the rules of cancellation or cancellation of the tour which is determined by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization and calculated in the tables below. Prior to purchasing a passenger tour, it is required to carefully review the relevant rules on the tour description page of each travel package in the section of the rules and regulations.

Rate of penalty for cancellation of ordinary tours by the passenger

Time of cancellation of regular tours by passengers Percentage of the fine of the total amount Considerations
From the time of registration to 30 days before the trip 5 % If there is an airplane patrol, a penalty will be paid for cancellation of the airline ticket.
From 29 days to 15 days before the trip 10 %
From 15 days to 7 days before the trip 20 %
From 7 days to 3 business days before the trip 25 % If the hotel is charter, the airline ticket or train will be canceled by submitting the documents in accordance with the relevant regulations.
From 3 days to one business day before the trip 50 %
From 24 hours to 12 hours before the trip 70 %
12 hours in case of no trip 90 % Fines for cancellation of one-day patrols at all stages of the cancellation include 70% of the total amount of the tour.

Penalty rate for cancellation of Nowruz tours by passenger

Time of cancellation of tours by Norouz Percentage of the fine of the total amount Considerations
From 29 to 25 days before the trip 30 % If there is an airplane patrol, a penalty will be paid for cancellation of the airline ticket.
From 24 to 20 days before the trip 35 %
From 20 to 16 days before the trip 40 %
From 15 days before the time of the move 90 % If the accommodation is charter, the airline ticket or train will be canceled by submitting the documents in accordance with the relevant regulations.
From the 48 hours before the tour or the absence of a tour 100 % The penalty for cancellation of one-day patrols at all stages of the cancellation is 70% of the total amount of the tour.

8-3- Due to the fact that the funds received from travelers are paid to travel agencies (tour operator), the refunding of travel expenses will be made to the Travel Agency within 15 days from the cancellation and cancellation of the tour and after payment by the travel agency.

8-4- Responsibility for delay, cancellation, cancellation, in-flight service as well as technical flight issues on all flights available on the airline's plan.

8-5- To cancel or cancel the tour by the travel agency (tour operator) due to not filling the tour capacity or adverse weather conditions so that the tour can not be done for one-day tours up to ten days before the tour and for classical tours. Independent Up to one month before the tour, the travel agency (tour operator) must declare Tripgel.com through the panel and tripgel.com is committed to informing customers and reimbursing the costs of services sold to them.

8-6- Cancellation by Tour Operator (Tour Operator) Regarding charter flights, the terms of the cancellation fee will apply according to the applicable regulations.

8-7- Cancellation of the trip by tripgel.com cancellation of the site service can cancel at any time for justified reasons.

9- Coercive cases

9-1- The travel agent undertakes to fully implement the agreed travel plan and, in the event of any unexpected incident such as extreme weather conditions, war, insurrection and problems that are beyond the control of the travel agency (tour operator) and It will not void the travel agency (tour operator) or tripgel.com to invalidate or change the program of travel or departure.

10- Handle claims

10-1-Complaints can be handled through the contact department at tripgel.com - Complaints or complaints are addressed to tripgel.com.

10-2- In the event of disagreement and disagreement with a claim regarding the implementation of this contract or related affairs with the travel agency (tour operator) or its legal representative (tour leader), the matter to be considered by the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Tourism Authority or relevant judicial authorities is. In the event of any disagreement between the parties to the contract, the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization shall be the reference authority and the arbitrator and judge, and the votes cast thereunder shall be definitive and agreed upon by the parties and shall enter into force.